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Permaculture internship

3 months of hands-on regenerative practices & community living

Live in a family setting inside a GeoDome

The GeoDome is 50/50 greenhouse and living space.  The greenhouse part is a food forest in the making.  The living space includes 5 bedrooms, one of them will be available for interns.  Take part in family living where permaculture is central in all aspects.

Community living

Community Supported Agriculture

Take part in work in the CSA Gróandi.  Hands-on learning about effective and sustainable ways to grow a variety of vegetables, herbs and berries.  Growing healthy, chemical- & packaging free food for the wider community.

The CSA contains both greenhouses and outdoors growing areas.

Growing food


Accomodation & food

One of the bedrooms in the GeoDome will be shared by two interns.  A small family or a couple would also fit comfortably within in the space available.

Food will be included in the internship.  In our family we put a lot of emphasis on:​

  • growing our own food

  • making healthy meals from scratch

  • fermentation like kefir and sourcrouts

  • conservation of food by drying, canning, freezing, making pesto, salsa, herbal teas...

  • sourcing zero waste food


Community living

We are a family of six people.  Two adults and four kids (7-11 years old) that are raised with permaculture ethics at heart and non-violent communication.  Interns will be taking part in the family life, that might include childcare, assisting kids in assembling meals and shared house chores.


We also have 7 friendly hens that run freely in our garden and will visit the GeoDome greenhouse regularly.

Many hands make light work



The GeoDome is 35 years old and we are doing some renovations to keep it in good shape.


It will be possible to take part in renovation work on the GeoDome greenhouse if a intern would have a interest for building.  Sveinbjörn, the father in the family is a master carpenter and will be working on improving the curved greenhouse ceiling and some other retrofitting of the building.​​

Retrofitting for sustainable buildings

Are you interested?

Be the change you want to see in the world

3 months internship to empower individuals that are genuinely interested in creating a more sustainable and regenerative world.  Hands-on permaculture education, experience and skills that you can use for the rest of your life.  Inspiring individuals to continue to generate positive social change and sustainable practices in their own lives and communities after they leave.

This internship is based on trust and gift economy and does not require any payment.  To apply, please fill out our Internship application.  We will assess all applicants and interview the top choices meeting our internship criteria. 

Available period for internships:

15.may - 15.august 2022

1.june - 31.august 2022

Contact us if you have any questions.

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