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Gróandi's cultivation areas are open to everyone, we stand together to accomplish what we think is most important and make our cultivation areas a haven where we connect with nature and where our food comes from.

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What is Gróandi??

Community Supported Agriculture

Gróandi has already been operating for 8 years and the harvest is always plentiful.  Join us!

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It's simple: You and everyone else in the area are welcome to come and participate in Gróandi, whether it's harvesting organic healthy food for you and yours or participating in the cultivation. 


We at Gróandi want the cultivation areas to be bustling with life, a community center where people can connect with nature and where the food comes from.  Participate in the most environmentally friendly growing methods available.  Learned to recognize different edible plants and harvest really healthy and tasty food.


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Supporters finance staff and material costs

Many small things make one big thing.  Numerous Gróandi supporters jointly finance the costs needed to run Gróandi.  Gróandi is a non-profit, all income goes to growing more vegetables for the people here.  

Employees take care of:

  • organize the cultivation

  • grow vegetables – herbs – berries

  • make the cultivation areas accessible to the public

  • educate and assist those who want to participate in growing the food

  • help to harvest

  • holding events

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Vegetables, Herbs and Berries

During the harvest season, you are welcome to come and get some extremely healthy vegetables.  We are always increasing the variety and practicing growing even more variety of vegetables, both in the greenhouse and in our outdoor growing area.  You can follow Gróandi on social media or join the mailing list to receive regular information about what's ready for harvest.  During the summer and autumn months, there is a worker on site who can help with harvesting on Tuesdays and Thursdays 15:00 - 19:00.

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Environment & Fairness in high regard

The methods used in the cultivation are enriching for the nature of the area. 

  • Let's build a deeper and more fertile soil

  • Increase biodiversity

  • No poison

  • No synthetic fertilizers 

  • No disposable packaging


Food hardly gets more sustainable than this

The people behind Groandi

Working hard to grow vegetables for you



Gróandi's chairperson and employee

Hildur Dagbjört is a landscape architect, permaculture teacher and environmental entrepreneur.  She has adopted an environmentally friendly lifestyle over the years. She is passionate about helping others approach a more environmentally friendly lifestyle and therefore teaches a wide range of courses on environmental issues every year and gives lectures.  Last year she held a 4-day course for preschool teachers "Sustainability in preschool work", a 4-day "Permaculture introduction" for the general public and a 2-week 4 ECTS master's course "Sustainable food systems".  Hildur has been running Gróandi for the last 8 years, growing lots of vegetables for the inhabitants of Ísafjörður and developing cultivation methods that are suitable for the climate here in Ísafjörður.  She also works as a landscape architect in Verkís.


The cultivation areas are always open to the public - at any time of the year - at any time of the day.  But during the summer and autumn months there is an employee in the area who can guide and help.  The employee will always be available on Tuesdays and Thursdays:

Tuesday: 15:00 - 18:00

Thursday: 15:00 - 18:00

But otherwise just get in touch if you want to participate at other times, it's safer to call ahead: 8445963

If you want to take part in shaping Gróandi's work, you can register here:

Please get in touch if you have any questions

Hlíðarvegur 13a   Isafjörður


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