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Who is it for?

  • People that want to learn more about sustainability and regenerative lifestyle

  • People that want to create holistic design for themselves, their work or their community

  • Farmers, gardeners

  • Entrepreneurs

  • Community leaders and activists

  • Anyone eager to learn about permaculture


The complete 72+ hours long standard PDC course certified by the British Permaculture Association.  11 days packed with practical learning and the extensive knowledge needed to live sustainably on this planet.  You will gain fundamental understanding of permaculture design, ethics and principles.  The course covers a wide range of topics from Food forests to natural building techniques.  

Permaculture design is relevant in any climate, landscape or situation.  For example: urban balcony, backyard, tiny house, behavioral change, ecosystem restorations, business or farming systems.  Permaculture is much more than gardening - a tool and philosophy that will change your life!


7. - 18. September 2024

in Kirkjulækjarkot in the South of Iceland

The course will be held in Kirkjulækjarkot, close to Hvolsvöllur.  We recommend people to stay there during the course, unless they live really close by.  It's an intensive course with activities throughout the day.  There are different accommodation options, check out the options on the sign up sheet.

Course fee

We have a sliding scale for course fees, based on participants financial situation. This allows us to offer a reduced fee for those that have less income and honor the Permaculture ethic fair shares.

High income / company: 220.000,- isk

Medium income: 180.000,- isk

Low income / student: 130.000,- isk

Get to know the teachers

Cathrine Dolleris

Cat is a certified permaculture teacher and diploma tutor.  She has been teaching PDC courses for many years.  She is based on the island Orø in Danmark where she has a permaculture demonstration site.  Her house is retrofitted with natural building techniques and there's a food forest in her garden.  Cat was also the main teacher in the 2017 PDC in Iceland.

Hildur Dagbjört

Hildur Dagbjört has been using and teaching permaculture actively in Iceland for several years already.  She is running the Community Supported Agriculture Gróandi in Ísafjörður, where permaculture design and techniques are used daily.  Hildur mentors permaculture interns and runs the family home with zero waste & non violent communication focus.

Topics covered in the course

The course covers all the PDC core curriculum topics and some additional topics .


Permaculture history
Ethics & Principles


Eight forms of capital ©


& community living

4 ferli groanda svart graent.jpg

Behavioral change

food 2.jpg

Non Violent Communication

design kort.PNG

Mapping tecniques, landforms and water


Regenerative farming

forest garden.jpg

Forest gardening


Soil testing, composting
& keeping healthy soil



design work.PNG

Design groupwork


& climeate zones

design frameworks.PNG

Design methods


Right livelihoods
& life design


No-dig gardening &
ecological growing methods

natural building.JPG

Natural building techniques / retrofitting houses

group work.PNG

& organisational forms

eco foot.PNG

Ecological footprint

The course will take place in Kirkjulækjarkot in South of Iceland.

There are different options for accommodation available on site.  More info in sign up sheet.

Kirkjulækjakot 4 Eystra IS

861 Rangárþing


If you have any questions contact Hildur Dagbjört / 8445963

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